About Us

Our in-house programs and outreach initiatives provide instruction in a variety of techniques for stress reduction, mental focus, and self-awareness that focus on present-moment awareness without judgment.

We offer a dedicated space for individuals and groups to practice stillness, contemplation, and meditation.

Our library offers books and recordings about mindful practices, self-awareness, health of body, mind and spirit, and various faith traditions.

We connect people to a diverse network of professionals within the Center and in the greater Chattanooga area who incorporate present-moment awareness in their services.

The Center does not promote one style or practice of mindfulness, but rather offers a variety of practices and instructors so that members and visitors can determine what best suits their individual needs.  Similarly, some programs may include a spiritual or religious component, but the Center does not endorse any specific religion, spiritual path or spiritual teacher.

Center for Mindful Living

400 E Main St, Suite 150

Chattanooga, TN 37408

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