Being Happy: The Science and Practice of Flourishing

  • 06 Feb 2017
  • 27 Feb 2017
  • 4 sessions
  • 06 Feb 2017, 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
  • 13 Feb 2017, 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
  • 20 Feb 2017, 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
  • 27 Feb 2017, 6:00 PM 8:00 PM
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There is so much talk about being happy in our culture that it can be hard to separate truth from fad. This experiential 4 week course aims to unpack the current science of happiness and to help teach simple, scientifically-proven techniques to achieving greater happiness, satisfaction and ease in one’s own life. 

The course consists of four 2-hour, in-person sessions and is supplemented by approximately 2 hours per week of home online learning. The online material comprises assessments, some easy to digest primary source reading and short video clips. There is also a final one-hour online meeting with the instructor at the end of the program.

Led by Rod Francis, who has been teaching for almost 30 years and coaching & mentoring for over a decade. He is currently working alongside leading mind/body expert Dr Mark Atkinson creating and delivering the Bulletproof Coach Training program. Rod has had a meditation practice for approximately three decades and has sat many teacher led retreats in the Insight tradition including several with his guiding teacher Yanai Postelnik.


Week 1: Happiness 101

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Defining what is meant by Happiness and why it is important to all areas of well being and health.
    The different types of happiness and how they contribute to our personal flourishing and sense of life satisfaction.
    Happiness Assessments – exploring some simple yet scientifically validated methods of assessing all these different areas.
    The key steps and practices which help build, develop and sustain our personal sense of happiness and how might we most effectively engage with them.
    Mindfulness & Happiness: We’ll explore the practice of mindfulness and learn how to begin practicing this empirically proven pathway to greater wellbeing.


Week 2: Full Spectrum Happiness

Topics we’ll cover:

  • How emotions relate to Happiness and how we can begin to work more skillfully with all of our emotions.
    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the nascent field of Emodiversity and how they relate to human flourishing.
    The role of positive emotions in health and wellbeing and what practical steps we can take to develop them.
    The importance of greater body awareness including how general physical health impacts on happiness levels plus some simple hacks to begin and maintain an effective personal program.
    What is meant by Flow and why it is important to our happiness plus how to create more Flow in life and skillfully find opportunities in daily activities to build it in.


Week 3: Relational Happiness

Topics we’ll cover:

  • The importance of social relationships to happiness, health and longevity.
    Relational skills building including practical exercises, tips and hacks.
    Relational Assessment – What is the state of your current relational world?
    Communication skills-building and developing healthier and more effective ways of communicating to support relational health – including effective ways to manage conflict and difficult communication.
    The role and practice of Loving-kindness meditation in health and better relationships and also it’s impact on overall health and wellbeing.
    The role of forgiveness practices in Happiness. Learning practical skills to help us let go of old hurts, anger and resentments, as much to ourselves as well as to others.


Week 4: Happiness & The Meaningful Life

Topics we’ll cover:

  • The importance of having a personal sense meaning & purpose to finding lasting happiness. Learning some simple, powerful techniques which can help gain clarity on those qualities and create a more purposeful and values-aligned way of living.
    A brief introduction to the powerful and transformative area of human potential development known as Positive Psychology and what it offers us in building greater life satisfaction and happiness.
    What islearned optimismas opposed tolearned helplessness? And how do we build and develop a more mature and helpful mindset?
    Building Wonder, Awe & Curiosity. Why these qualities are important to our happiness and uncovering ways to build them into our daily life.
    Nudge Theory in action – how small changes create large shifts. Why we don’t always have to make radical changes and instead how momentum builds and change can come via small, incremental yet consistent shifts in behavior.

End of program online call.

For one final hour together we tie up any loose ends, answer questions, reflect and provide necessary closure as well as cover final suggestions for where to go/what to do next to build on and consolidate the work we’ve covered. This call will be conducted online. You will not need any special programs to join, simply access to a computer, an online connection and some privacy. If you can’t make this call in person, it will be recorded and uploaded to the learning platform.

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