Philosophy and Mission

Our mission
is to teach and support practices that help us be with ourselves and with others, 
in the present moment without judgment.

Our vision is a world generous with compassion and acceptance.

      Our core values:

  • We believe that there is innate wisdom and health in every human being.
  • We believe that practicing mindfulness will help all people respond to the flow of life in a resilient and peaceful manner; lead to more joyful, compassionate, healthy and meaningful lives; and become positive agents for change in their communities.
  • We are open and inclusive to all who wish to deepen their experience of themselves and their place in the greater community.
  • We are committed to diversity, transparent democratic governance, generosity-based economics, and environmental sustainability.

Center for Mindful Living                       400 East Main, Suite 150
          Chattanooga, TN 37408
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