Mission Statement

The Center for Mindful Living's mission is to empower people to decrease their stress and increase their well-being.

Who We Are

The Center for Mindful Living is a non-profit organization that helps you nurture practices that lead to joy, balance, and compassion by:

  • offering practical workshops to help you build skills for deeper awareness, better stress management, and more joyful relationships,
  • opportunities to build healthy habits that will improve your physical health, deepen your emotional well-being, and strengthen your ability to build strong connections with others,
  • and hosting events that cultivate community, like camping trips, poetry readings, book discussions, and groups that foster spirituality, self-expression, and kindness. 

To view our 2015 annual report, click the link below:

Center for Mindful Living

400 E Main St, Suite 150

Chattanooga, TN 37408

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